In case of confusion C Maps are for the stand-alone client for Windows/Linux and Flash Maps are for the flash client.

If you don’t know how to install the map files follow one of the guides.

Updated for Winter Update 2015!

Tibia C Maps
Tibia C Maps - (2016/01/03)
File Size: 3.3 MiB
Downloads: 258932
Alternative Download: Without Minimap Marks
Tibia Flash Maps
Tibia Flash Maps - (2016/01/03)
File Size: 4.6 MiB
Downloads: 49073
Alternative Download: Without Minimap Marks

If you can’t figure out how to install the map files your self i made a small tool that does it for you.
It will both download and install for you either with or without marks.

Remeber this tool only work for the stand alone client.

Sorry for delay i have updated the installer to work with the latest download links.

Tibia Map Installer
Tibia Map Installer - (2.3)
File Size: 142.1 KiB
Downloads: 43806
Source Code: Tibia Map Installer
  1. everything worked perfect just one thing :P half of yala isnt showing :P idk if its something i did or if its just missing in the file

    • I know i havnt been very active in tibia latly im pretty much retierd but i will try to make an update for the winter update when it comes out and .. goroma islands should be there lol they are for me

  2. Hey can you help me? I try downloading and installing with the installer you made but still doesnt work..i have flash client on google chrome in lenovo windows 8. what could be going wrong?

    • The installer is not working for the flash maps if you gonna install the flash maps you have to follow the guide and import the maps in game/on website (dont forget to extract the flash map file you downloaded first)

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