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Winter update 2014 is here and the maps are updated ENJOY!

In case of confusion C Maps are for the stand-alone client for Windows/Linux and Flash Maps are for the new flash client.

If you don’t know how to install the map files follow one of the guides here.

Info: If the water color looks different(light blue) on map when it should be dark its cause its the upcoming color of the new water of phase 2 summer update that should be out soon!
Quote: “The improved animations that are currently being tested on the test servers will be released within the next weeks.

Tibia C Maps
Tibia C Maps - (2014-12-10 WU)

File Size: 3.2 MB
Downloads: 174106  
Alternative Download: Without Minimap Marks

Tibia Flash Maps
Tibia Flash Maps - (2014-12-10 WU)

File Size: 4.7 MB
Downloads: 35542  
Alternative Download: Without Minimap Marks

I have created an Map installer for the C Maps it doesn’t work for the flash maps!

Just put the installer in the same folder as the zip file downloaded from above and run it and your done. remember to have Tibia turned off first

Tibia Map Installer.exe
Tibia Map Installer.exe - (1.0)

File Size: 128.8 KB
Downloads: 17317  
Source Code: Tibia Map Installer.nsi - ( How to compile )

Change log: Here

144 thoughts on “Map Downloads

  1. I would like to thank the services of the site. Really a great collection of maps and information to assist the players. I hope you guys are eventually recognized by

    • Actually i used to have one before i remade website… but from now on i will write a “change log” thanks for proposal. but sometimes its hard to remember WTH i explored XD unless its something bigger.

  2. Hello. Thanks a lot for this map. I just downloaded it and it’s great. But there’s a big part around kazordoon, ab’dendriel and carlin missing…

    • np mate, that should not be … all the map should be explored around there… no big parts missing… if its lets say big perfect squares missing it means some map file is like missing or something.. try extract the file again.

    • Thanks Harry :) trash is a bit strong word don’t you think? its just a little text at bottom right corner that you would never see in your self pretty much unless you scroll your map there by accident or use map viewer or something and yea… if that text is so horrifying you can remove

      • Ok, sorry your right, but it was supossed that people that want to download these maps will get maps with quality and not maps of OT, or anything else.

        • I can assure you there is no OT maps on them i never played OT in my life :) its only maps i explored on real tibia servers using tibia/watching cast the little text is made with a php script on a empty map file in the bottom left corner to not disturb the used map files thats currently used by tibias current map so if you wanna remove it thats okey it wont remove any part of the map for you. its just a little credit so to speak :)

          • You shouldn’t remove it. You got a right for credits! You’re doing a great job!

          • Don’t remove the credits! It’s your work, you deserve it!
            Harry probably is a 8 years old kid who wants to take credits for himself. His rage shows that he’s somewhat piece of mental work who needs help.

            Thanks for your work, Lilith! It’s great!!! s2

  3. Hey, just wanted to know if the map files for the newest update 9.80 are already inside the mapfolder download, or do I have to re-download it?

    • well the maps in your map folder doesnt auto update them self… and if you want the new stuff from winter update you either have to redownload or explore the parts your self

  4. Only way too get this thing migrated is if i click every single file in the map once so i need too click 220 times i cant copy all or throw the map in the migration tool! anyone knows how too solve this???

    • Hello, 220 times? there is only 1 file.. did you download the “Flash map files”? should only be a file called Tibia.exp no other files and if you use google chrome you might get errors trying to import/play tibia flash client if you do follow these steps here… here or use firefox i did also reply on

    • Hello, tibia flash client is bugged with chrome… i tried to i get same problem in chrome even with diffrent flash version installed try using Firefox as webbrowser, that works for me.

    • could you tell me what link is broken instead, i tried all downloads and they work for me so tell me what link is broken and i try fix it. Also try clear your browser cache and see if that helps.

  5. Hii!!
    I’ve already downloaded it, what am i supposed to do now? I’ve never did it before so i don’t know how to see the map in the tibia client.

    Thx man

  6. ty se agradece tener el mapa descubierto (i thank you for having the map discovered)
    que bueno es jugar tibia (its rlly good to play tibia)

  7. Lilith have you found a way to get the maps to work on Google Chrome?
    If not i have found a way it took me 5 seconds at most:) Message me

  8. hey, for the maker of this site i have tested the map and it works and very to use as well, but just one question do you think this is legal in eyes for us to use this mapping system and also this is a open question to everyone has anyone been hacked just to make sure i have not put my lvl 8 char in danger of losing is rightful owner

    • hello, well downloading map files is totaly legal.
      About the hacking: .map files is safe but ofc always be careful when downloading stuff from websites related to tibia, you should look out for mostly is .exe .scr .bat and so on and i know i cant say this but this place is a safe place to get the maps. U know its wrong as owner of the site to say that cause i could be laying but i got no reason to lay i do this website as personal interest for exploring map it was not even ment to be public first, just did it as a hobby then it got popular for some reason i don’t know and i put it on a web hotel to make it more stable.

  9. Hey mengz I really need help downloading it , I am too noob to understand how to do whole process.
    I downloaded it, then made the windows + r thing, accepted, deleted the thing that said auto map and extracted the new one onto the folder that had the old automap…but i logged in tibia and all my map was gone and no new map.
    All was deleted fully and cant install the “full” one.. lol help me as soon as you can since im retired for this reason.

    • do you use the flash client(web browser) or normal client to play it? if you use normal client download the map for the C client.
      remember tibia needs to be turned off for this process to work this guide should be easy to follow you must have done something wrong when you do this windows +r thing do the window pop up? and do you write %appdata%/tibia in it? and do you have an automap folder in that folder? if so just replace it with the automap folder in the zip you downwloaded from my website and then start tibia and it should work

  10. HI!

    You have a little problem with link donwload. I was to make something to donwload the map of c++. Pls, reapir the link


    • Yes the map should be full do you use flash or normal client? and i think its a bug i had it to sometimes just try like extracting the map again.. and make sure Tibia is turned off when you do it…

      • When i download it, there are only around 720 files, so i guess that is not fully mapped. Because i, myself got around 740 files.. any idea?

        • i got around 730~~ my self maybe some map files didnt get into the archive for some unknown reason.. no idea

          Edit: i checked the mapfiles on website i converted them into images to see.. and to me it all looks fine i link to the images here

          • On that picture u send seems legit but i cant seems to get it fully loaded, i have redownload a few times still get around 720 files, i dont know what im doin woring

          • i also had like 720 something map files when i downloaded and made them into map files… i guess its the correct ammount some ppl have crap on their map files from ot servers… or old stuff thats not there anymore… if you downloaded from somewhere else… cause i cant find any black areas in tibia.. on these 720.. map files that i downloaded from my website

  11. Hi there are using WordPress for your blog platform? I’m new to the blog world but I’m trying to get started and set up my own.
    Do you require any coding expertise to make your own blog?

    Any help would be really appreciated!

    • 1. Yes i’m using wordpress
      2. No you dont need any coding expertise
      3. Don’t even try to spread hacklinks i removed it from your post since it wasnt the real tibiacast adress

    • 1. no need to be rude 2. i can assure you it wasnt me that hacked you if you think that your an idiot sorry to say that… 2 min after you downlaod? do you really think a hacker would sit and watch 24/7 when ppl download and hack them? NO, in that case alot more ppl would have complaied but its only you and 3 others maybe totaly… means you are all 3 idiots that believe it and need to get your information right.. its proboly some shit you did erlioer .. like weeks ago.. or months ago…. not 2 min ago <,< and also if i was a hacker i would just deleted your comment and not reply to it… to just hide it… but i dont,… i reply to it and show it cause it wasnt me… telling you to get some REAL facts before blaming someone

  12. Greetings! I can’t seem to find the download link, whenever I click on Tibia C Maps it links me to choose month but there doesn’t seem to be any month to choose, I expect reply. o(^-^)o

  13. hi, is there anyway to remove the map markings on a map file and place them into a different map pack? i ask this because i spend a lot of time making my own map markings on a map file, then i never download the new map pack because it overwrites all my markings, hope that makes sense.

  14. I’m having an issue with the map files. They install just fine and are great; however they prevent me from pasting any text into the chat. I know it’s the map files because when I remove them I can paste again. To make sure I added all but one area of the map files and I was able to paste only when in that area.

    Help is appreciated…

  15. Your maps are not complete. You are missing a lot of them for edron. The hero caves are not fully explored in your maps.

    • Im pretty sure they are.. could you in that case tell me where, sometimes when installing maps in flash client some areas dont get installed. ( dont know why ) so if you use flash client it could be that.

  16. I downloaded the maps on your site but is there something else I have to do? i downloaded and opened tibia and i don’t have no maps. please help!

    • if you follow the guide.. it says where to install them its not in your tibia folder.. its in the tibia setting folder that is located on a totaly diffrent location.. its in %appdata%/tibia the guide tells you how to get there

  17. sabeis donde me puedo descargar el bot qe sea gratuito y este actualizado? me haria mucha falta, podrias ponerme un link aki de descarga?

  18. Hey dude, can you map the quest areas, dp ect for roshamuul? I mean, like add icons for all the tasks and stuff.

    there aren’t any icons, and it becomes a problem when I’m running.

  19. Hey Lilith, have you considered somehow setting up a public version control repository for these maps (on GitHub, for example)? That would make it easier to track changes and to accept contributions. I would be happy to help out with this.

  20. Kind of a random question, but…

    I was playing with an old friend irl the other day and he wanted to explore the new areas — I had the full map though so it was a little less exciting for the both of us. We were wondering if it was possible to somehow select which areas we wanted maps for and to download that “custom package” of maps? Sorry if this is the most annoying question ever. You rock either way :)


    • no offence but how stupid are you? -.- if that was true.. this website would probably been shutdown long ago cause i would get no visitors due to bad rep.. and also i would be way richer then i am + i would have a lot more haters in comment then just .. 1-2 like you and one more moron.. you have been hacked by something else its deftly not me. maybe you visited that fake tibia forum called forum-tibia… something cause real is forum.tibia. its defiantly not cause of my website i tell you that and im sorry for what happend to you oh yea.. also .. all my shit is open source.. so.. just check the source code your self

  22. Hey, i got problem. After downloading and installing maps, i can’t see mark of my character(+). Any ideas how can i do this? Anyway very good job on these maps. Congratulations!

    • dude that should not be a problem i guess you just cant see it cause your standing on snow or something i dont know but it should be showing map files has nothing to do with that

  23. Hello, I’m trying to download the C maps with marks, and it won’t let me, in the download page: the speed is too low, it doesn’t show the remaining time of the download, i tried clearing my caché but nothing, please help.

  24. What do you mean by ‘marks’ ?

    I’m aware what marks on the map are, but do you mean the marks supplied by the npcs, or custom marks that you’ve made yourself?

  25. Great job!
    Waiting for winter update maps.

    One question: is there any way to just add the new parts to my old map? I hate losing all the marks I made during the last months.

    Thanks anyway.

        • Well the thing is like if i help one then all will ask for help.. and i will turn into insane crazy person if i have to explain to everyone how to do this cause some ppl cant even install maps with a guide… they still ask like “WHERE DO I PUT THIS? .. “

  26. Thanx for keeping this great service alive!
    truly helps out when you come back from Tibia-breaks :)

    Also 10/10 for marking up hunting spots!

    Kind regards Marcus.

    • Svargrond is 100% correct place in the game i use the maps my self. If you play on a OT server they might show wrong cause not all OT servers have the correct cordinates.

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