TibiaMaps needs your help!

helpwanted I need your help with the upcoming update for Tibia winter 2015, Most of it is already done thanks to an amazing friend Mathias due to the fact that I'm sort of retierd. When this update gets released I would love if some of you amazing people could use Tibiacast and record the new Ferumbra's quest chain as close to borders you can just try to cover as [...]

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Thank You!

Thank you note with smiley face , isolated on white
Many thanks to Mathias B. for helping me with the updates and all the amazing work he does on his converter and the help he gave me on website and exploring! I would barely [...]

TibiaMaps.org is back!

Sorry for the downtime changed into a new host located in Europe and upgraded to a new fresh theme. I know there is some infomation and stuff missing but i will be working on [...]

Into the automap format (C++ client)

Post written by: glotzer.eu I. Introduction I'd recommend you to have some programming background - otherwise you might find it hard to understand some aspects of this [...]