Mac users need your help

If your using Mac and running Tibia with Wine, pleased contact  me at i need your help trying to find the Automap folder.
I think i know where it is but i need your help to try it out!

If we can find it i will make a guide for that also :)

Summer update 2014

Summer update 2014 is coming and test server is up i’m working my ass off to get this explored for you guys :D i will release the updated maps when the official update is released! I’ll try my best to not miss anything.

Sorry i haven’t made any updates in a long time been busy irl :>

Edit 1: Updated the cartography in case you wanna link coordinates to your friends while messing around on test. Enjoy! :)

Edit 2: The map files are up for download. ENJOY!

Tibia launcher for easier and faster switching of hotkeys

I have made a lot easier and better “noob proof” hotkey changer/launcher for Tibia its still a batch file meaning its open source and you can edit it as you like no hidden crap.

No setups required as long you have tibia installed at the original location, if you don’t its really easy to set up only need to go into the options menu and change the settings.

First time you run it, if you don’t have all the vocation hotkeys setup you need to make em first by using launcher and start with lets say paladin set all hotkeys in game.. leave the launcher open and exit tibia and it will remember those paladin hotkeys next time you start Tibia. Repeat for all vocations.

You can find it under Tips and Tricks or here.

You can also find a guide on how to make it your self there, its really easy!

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